Thanksssss, Harry


At the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, drinking Butterbeer alone on Privet Drive like some kind of wizard rebel

Today – 26 June 2017 – marks 20 years since the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

It’s fair to say I have invested quite a lot of time and energy on the Harry Potter books over the past 20 years so, in honour of the occasion, here are a few personal memories for the show reel:

  • ‘Borrowing’ my little brother’s copy of Philosopher’s Stone at the age of 14 during a family holiday to France and ignoring the beach/sun/all human people to read it from cover to cover.
  • Passing Harry Potter related notes with my friends in sixth-form history classes, because that’s the kind of rebel I was (sorry, Hermione.)
  • My first boyfriend stopping by my university hall of residence to give me an empty Harry Potter biscuit tin because I had a Harry Potter watch and he thought (correctly) I’d be interested in keeping the tin (still have the tin.)
  • Becoming a little bit obsessed with the ‘ink-and-paper-twin’ dedication in Half-Blood Prince (it’s the loveliest book dedication ever, don’t argue.)
  • Pre-ordering Order of the Phoenix weeks before it came out but somehow oversleeping during a summer holiday lie-in and missing delivery, then having to drive my parents’ car to the teeny tiny village sorting office in order to pick it up when a) it was still ridiculously early, b) I hated driving and, c) there was nowhere to park so I left the car on a double yellow line (it was fine, there was no ticket.)
  • Being devastated when an ‘I Open At The Close’ Golden Snitch necklace my sister ordered as a birthday present went missing in the post (still gutted now.)
  • Visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour ON MY OWN. TWICE. (In my defence, the first time was because my friend was ill, the second time was because I got a ticket to Hogwarts in the Snow on a last-minute deal and nobody else could make it.)
  • Pottermore – thank you, Pottermore.
  • Autocorrect’s repeated changing of Dobby to Debby. There it goes again – how is Dobby not a universally known name after 20 years? (Before anyone starts, I know Dobby didn’t appear in Philosopher’s Stone so technically it’s not 20 years but you know what I mean.)


Thanks for the memories, Harry.

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