Facebook allows page owners to edit posts after publication


Facebook allows page owners to edit posts after publication – TechCrunch report on new Facebook changes

After years of frustration relating to posts made on the move, Damn You Autocorrect-style errors, dodgy laptop keyboards with sticking ‘s’ keys and general misspelling, I am very pleased by the fact that you can now edit Facebook posts after you’ve published them. Hoorah! No more deleting entire posts, then re-posting them to lower engagement because of one erroneous apostrophe or missing ‘s’.

Facebook have made a number of updates recently which have certainly made life as a page admin a lot easier. They seem to be doing these more transparently too, which is all good and I am not going to look for cynical reasons as to why this might be. Nope.

Although – on a personal level, this probably means less hilarious drunken Facebook posts. Hey-ho. Swings and roundabouts.