I started out as a journalist – my first job was writing for a private equity magazine – right around the time that Facebook and YouTube were starting to change the way content was being shared (this dates me, I know). 18 months later, I was still writing, but I had also set up and managed my first Facebook group on behalf of a business, the Royal Court Theatre.

So, having worked with words, websites and social content for over ten years, I have a wide range of experience and can help you in a number of ways. Below are a few of the services I offer.


For fixed-length copywriting projects I tend to work on a pre-agreed fixed fee basis.

For the majority of marketing and longer copywriting projects, I work on a day rate. For certain shorter projects, I can revise this to an hourly rate if appropriate.

In all cases my rates are reasonable and I am very happy to offer a free introductory call to discuss your particular project and needs. Get in touch and we’ll find a solution.

Copywriting & Editorial

From websites to social media posts to email newsletters to print marketing material – whatever you want, I’m happy to write it

Content planning & curation

A cohesive online strategy requires (at least) two things: good content, and good planning. Find out how I can help you with these

Digital Marketing

Launching something new? I can help you create and execute a fully integrated cross-channel digital marketing campaign

Social media management

Depending on your needs I offer daily, weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly ongoing management of your social media accounts