On freelancing

After several years of working in an office, I’m a month in to this freelancing lark and it’s pretty fair to say that both ways of working have their pros and cons.

On the plus side, as a freelancer…

  • I can work in my pyjamas. With no make up on. And terrible hair. Which I’ve honestly never done in an office. (Well… I never went in to work in my PJs, anyway.)
  • I don’t have to commute to work every day. And as an added bonus, other passengers don’t have to watch me put my make-up on on the train/tube every day.
  • I can, for the most part, schedule my own working week, even if that does mean evening and weekend working.
  • Variety. Such variety! There are so many amazing projects and inspiring people out there, it’s been such an eye-opener.

But there are downsides to not working in an office…

  • Being able to work in your pyjamas with terrible hair etc means there is sometimes very little incentive to get properly dressed in the morning. Which is not good news for my neighbours, or the nursery staff who are getting used to me turning up in yesterday’s clothes to drop off and pick up my child.
  • No, I don’t have to commute to work every day – which means I don’t get to read my book/get Metro newsprint all over my hands/listen to any music that isn’t Wind The Bobbin Up. Woe.
  • My lunch choices are limited. SEVERELY limited.
  • Accounting. Meh.
  • There is A Distinct Lack of Office Drinks when you work on your own. Going to have to work on that one.

Still, it’s been great so far… let’s hope it continues!

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