‘Appy New Year


1st January. A day for low-level hangover-friendly activities, like writing old dates in a new calendar and sorting through all the apps you haven’t used in a year. Like a wardrobe clear out for your phone.

I’ve got 43 apps on my phone. There are at least 10 I hardly ever use. And yet clearing them out is as difficult as throwing away clothes. It’s like deleting Trello or Mailbox or Remember The Milk is some sort of admission of organisational failure: I downloaded them to help me keep better control of the boring minutiae of my life, and yet I haven’t got round to using them, because keeping control of minutiae is, of course, boring.

So keeping them there as a visual reminder of my desire to be more organised, even if I’m yet to organise myself to using them, has to count, right?

Of course if I were to make a real commitment to organisational productivity, I’d delete Dots. But it’s perfect New Year’s Day material, so that’s not going to happen.

Happy New Year, if you’re reading this.

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