Starting again

So this is an interim post.

I’ve recently been tarting this blog up a bit. Making it a little bit prettier and a little bit friendlier and a little bit more in-line with my actual working life, which is that of a digital marketer and online editor specialising in brands yada yada – more about all that here.

If you’re one of the few who read my previous posts – or if you’ve just stumbled across this and are bored enough to think you might go off and read some of them now – then you’ll see that I used to blog very irregularly about theatre productions I liked and didn’t like and things of that ilk.

Let’s be honest, nobody cares about my opinions on theatre I like and don’t like. So I’m archiving them. And starting again.

It may very well turn out that nobody cares about my opinions on digital marketing and social media and online editorial and brands and yada yada again, but as I know a little bit more about those things I will at least be able to talk about something more concrete than just what I like and don’t like.

That’s the plan anyway.

Interim post over.

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