An overdue update for no-one

I haven’t written here in about a year. Though I doubt anyone has missed me. Still, the purpose of it was to keep me writing, so that is a bit lame. In fact, writing – aside from in my day job, where blogging and interviewing and writing social media updates fill my days – is something I am not doing enough of at all, recently. I have seen several great productions lately – from Legally Blonde to an all-male version of Pirates of Penzance; the London revival of Hair (now approaching early retirement) to a wonderfully provincial touring play called The Knicker Lady; Love Never Dies, of course, and Priscilla, once again – and yet have not written anything on any of these, despite this being the whole point.

And MORE to the point, I haven’t done any creative writing – well, not enough anyway – for several months. I have ideas, I have some brief drafts of plans, I have character sketches, but I have nothing solid.

This seems to be my main problem: the motivation to start. Anything. I think about it all an awful lot, but when I get a lovely bare Sunday stretching out in front of me, I sleep, eat, and generally procrastinate until the whole day is gone and I’ve barely thought about opening the laptop.

Have been thinking of doing a creative writing course to try and stop this curse of inactivity – bully myself into doing something. But being unsually broke this year it is looking unlikely (incidentally, have 6 weddings and 4 hen do’s to go to this year. I love my friends, but this is bordering on mentalism. Also it is bankrupting me.) Anyway, have this stupid block in my head telling me that truly creative people don’t need courses to show them the way.

But then perhaps I am not truly creative.

I’m definitely not truly dedicated.


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