The Miniaturists in Edinburgh

I’ve just finished writing up a feature for Who’s Jack magazine about a theatre company called The Miniaturists. The Minis – as I like to call them, being as we’re such great mates and all – specialise in the short play; that is, they stage up to five plays during one show, but each play is no more than twenty minutes long.

They usually perform at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston but they’re heading up to Edinburgh in August to perform at the Forest Fringe (wish I was going to Edinburgh but as I am now on holiday for ten days in August AND heading to Cardiff to see The Sound of Music UK tour it looks like I won’t be able to go, boo and several hisses.)

Anyway enough of me and my robust ungratefulness, basically if you ARE going to Edinburgh and don’t know The Miniaturists, I strongly recommend you try ’em out. Go see go see.

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