In the beginning…

Well. This is my very first personal blog post. (Freudian slip: I just accidentally wrote ‘pist’, haha.) Actually, probably not my first personal blog ever, as I think I had a blog when I was in my teens, but the first one I have written in as an adult (ie, not something detailing my average teenage life and obsession with late 90s boyband Hanson.) It feels a bit weird and self-indulgent. Do all new bloggers find this? Oh well, I am sure I will get over it in time.

I have just written an About Me section (God the self-indulgence) so this is sort of repetition, but I will mostly be using this space to share my thoughts on various theatrical things with the few people who might read it… that sounds a bit wanky, but don’t worry, most of the things I think about theatrical things aren’t likely to bother the real critics. Plus, I am pretty easy to please, when it comes to what I like at the theatre. Recent example: I think Sister Act at The London Palladium is brilliant; I laughed, I (almost) cried, I whoop(i)ed. The press were very mixed about it though – The Guardian thought it was cynical, which I don’t understand. I did enjoy the variety of nun puns in the reviews – even Charles Spencer in The Telegraph couldn’t resist a ‘habit-forming’ reference.

Who knows, maybe this blogging lark will become a habit of mine… how punny is that?

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